SKIN SILKS & Body Lotions


Our Skin Silk line is designed to not only address your skins physical needs but also your emotional well-being.  We have combined quality ingredients such as shea, avocado and cocoa butters rich in essential fatty acids. Beeswax and oils such as jojoba, rosehip seed and avocado gives your skin rich, healing nutrients to fight and repair any ailment that may need help.

We have a silk for all your skins needs ranging from a facial to a foot moisturizer and all that's in between. 

Our Skin Silk line comes in two convenient sizes. Both work in a carry on or in your purse. 

Large 60g for $18.95 or small 15g for $10.95



In addition to our moisturizing beneficial Skin Silks we have created a liquid lotion for easy application with a hand pump for an overall body moisturizer.